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Preserving Macedonian History

Since 1922, the Macedonian Patriotic Organization’s mission has focused on preserving Macedonian history and culture by creating a sense of community in the U.S. and Canada. Our common heritage is what bonds us, and by coming together as part of the MPO community, we ensure our history lives on for future generations.

The MPO’s annual convention features ethnic dances for families of all ages. The enclosed photos show dances held this past Labor Day weekend at the Hilton, the Fort Wayne Convention Center, and a Sunday afternoon dance in the blocked off street in front of the Macedonian Tribune Building, 124 W. Wayne Street, Suite 204, Fort Wayne, IN 46802.

The Macedonian Tribune Building also houses the Macedonian Museum with memorabilia from our history, including historical printing machines and ethic costumes worn in the homeland.

The MPO welcomes all who enjoy ethnic dancing. The city for our 101st convention to be held Labor Day weekend 2023 has not been selected as of yet but check the website if you’d like to join.

More info at macedonian.org

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