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Ivy Tech Donates Medical Supplies To One World Medics Charity

Ivy Tech Community College Fort Wayne and Warsaw recently donated decommissioned respiratory therapy equipment to the One World Medics charity. The donated supplies include two mechanical ventilators, an oxygen tent, two King Visions (used for intubation), disposable airway supplies, endotracheal tubes, and tracheostomy supplies. Through the charity, these medical supplies were taken to Latin America to be used in medical facilities.

Bryan Peterson training paramedics in Mexico on the use of the King Vision intubation tool, a donation from Ivy Tech Community College Fort Wayne and Warsaw.

“This partnership with One World Medics is a win for both organizations,” says Jennifer Cole, program chair of Paramedic Science at Ivy Tech Fort Wayne and Warsaw. “I love knowing that the equipment, which is still serviceable but outdated, isn’t going to waste. It will help organizations and people provide even better care in their communities.”

One World Medics is a Fort Wayne based charity that was founded by Bryan Peterson and Jerry Shultz in 2019 with a mission to donate decommissioned ambulances and medical supplies to areas of need in Latin America. The founders’ original goal was to donate one ambulance per year, but because of high demand and the generous support of donors, One World Medic has successfully sent twenty-three ambulances—usually stocked with additional medical supplies—to Latin America in three years.

Shultz, an Ivy Tech Fort Wayne Paramedic Science graduate, credits their success to community support. “While Bryan and I are guiding the ship, this has been a community effort. We’ve had support from our Hispanic community and El Mexicano newspaper plus local hospitals, nursing homes, and colleges. I think this isn’t something that we’re doing, it’s something that northeast Indiana is doing. We’re grateful for all of the support we’ve received.”

In July 2022, the respiratory supplies from Ivy Tech Fort Wayne were donated to Cruz Roja Puerto Peñasco, Cruz Ambar San Luis Rio Colorado, and Bomberos San Luis Rio Colorado. Peterson delivered the supplies himself and trained medics on how to use them. Many of the items, especially King Vision, are more modern, innovative tools that weren’t previously available in these communities. The training and tools will help medics more effectively save lives in emergency situations.

Want to know more about One World Medics? Visit their website at OneWorldMedics.com

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