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Fort Wayne Ranks Among Best U.S. Cities To Raise A Family

Fort Wayne Appeared High Up On Pheabs’ List Of Ideal Places To Raise A Family In The US, A Study Based On Census Evidence Including Higher Education Rates, Income Data, Rental Prices, And How Many Workers Live Close Enough To Work To Walk There.

A data report published by consumer finance startup, Pheabs.com, has placed the spotlight firmly on Fort Wayne which offers the perfect spot to start your family in, or move your family to.

This report is grounded in empirical data, primarily taken from the US Census. This report refers to local property ownership rates, the proportion of students who progress to higher education, the median household income, the average rental price for the typical family, and how many workers are able to walk their commute. This data is presented side-by-side, allowing readers to simply compare the different cities’ statistics, considering which city best fits their needs.

Deciding where to raise your family is a life-altering decision, and one that should be carefully considered. When considering where to raise your children, there are a standard set of priorities, which Fort Wayne fits in with! With a brilliantly low crime rate, it is a safe area where children play together outdoors, offering them a worry-free childhood and, in turn, relieving your stress. But that’s not all! Fort Wayne has a strong entertainment scene with museums, parks, zoos aplenty, and a thriving job sector, too.

As a result, Pheabs is excited to point families in Fort Wayne’s direction, helping you picture it as home.

This report was curated by Pheabs, who are an independent consumer finance connector. They connect borrowers with loan providers, using over 8,000 data points to create the best connections for both parties. They pride themselves on seeking the best available terms for borrowers, no matter their financial circumstances.

When discussing this report, Daniel Tannenbaum, Pheabs’ founder, and a family man himself, noted that ‘Fort Wayne could be where you settle down and enjoy every minute of family life. Fort Wayne presents the opportunity to spend weekends exploring with your family, while in a stable career, all while watching as your children thrive.’

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