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New Mural Coming To Downtown Roanoke

In partnership with the Huntington County Visitor and Convention Bureau (VCB), Reusser announced the installation of a new mural in downtown Roanoke. The mural will be installed at Reusser, a web and digital marketing agency located at 150 S. Main St., starting Monday, May 9 until the mural is completed by Monday, May 23.

Nate and Julie Reusser, owners of Reusser, said when they learned there was potential to add a new mural in downtown Roanoke they jumped at the opportunity to add public art to their business and support the growth of downtown Roanoke.

“I’m grateful to the Huntington County VCB for giving us the opportunity to house this beautiful mural,” said Nate.

Julie noted there’s something special about how public art connects people to a community, inviting individuals to take pictures and explore new places.
“We hope this mural will continue to bring people and energy to downtown Roanoke,” said Julie.

Internationally renowned artist Louise Jones (née Chen), aka Ouizi, was selected for her expertise in large-scale floral mural installations. Born and raised in Santa Monica, Cali., Jones, who currently lives in Detroit, is well known regionally for her mural called “Big Peony,” located at 123 W. Columbia St., on The Landing in downtown Fort Wayne.

Jones said her affinity for botanical subjects began with fond memories of picking figs with her grandmother and this passion grew after she was introduced to the artwork of Georgia O’Keeffe.

While the concept of the mural at Reusser will not be unveiled before the installation, the artwork is inspired by native Indiana flowers including peonies and black-eyed Susans.

Tina Disch, executive director for the Huntington County VCB, said the mural installation in Roanoke will complete the Huntington County Mural Project, with locations in Huntington, Andrews, Markle and Warren.

“The Huntington County Mural Project was our commitment to bring public art to each community within the county. The murals have been a great success, encouraging both locals and visitors to explore the art while visiting restaurants, shops and attractions along the way,” said Disch. “We’re thankful for Reusser and Louise for being a part of this initiative and bringing this vibrant artwork to downtown Roanoke.”

To learn more about the new mural in downtown Roanoke, follow Reusser on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. To learn more about Reusser, visit the website at www.reusser.com

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