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On the primary ballot (vote by June 2), there will be a referendum that hopes to fund many needed improvements, including security and safety improvements to many of the Fort Wayne Community School District’s 60 buildings, including major renovations to two Waynedale schools.

“We feel that strong schools make for a strong community and one of the best ways that we can support our public schools is to ensure that they have updated, improved facilities in which to provide a relevant, modern learning environment for our students.” A spokesperson for ‘REPAIR FWCS’ continued, ”FWCS serves almost 30,000 students and employs almost 4,000 staff members. The district operates and maintains 60 buildings at an average age of 60 years old and over 5 million square feet of building area.”

Rivaled by only a close margin to the Indianapolis Public School district, FWCS holds the title for the second largest school district in the state of Indiana, which is a whole lot of students and space to take care of!

Referendums approved in 2012 (Phase 1) and 2016 (Phase 2) completed major renovations to 20 school buildings. Air conditioning has been added to 32 school buildings and all FWCS school buildings will be air conditioned by 2022. Single pane windows were replaced with energy efficient windows at 27 school buildings. Security improvements at entrances and offices will have been completed at 33 school buildings. All classrooms in the FWCS district will have security locksets. ADA improvements will have been completed at 16 school buildings. Approximately 11% of the over 4-million square feet of roof area in the FWCS district will have been replaced.

The proposed 2020 referendum is the third phase of the renovation plan, which includes major renovations in the Waynedale area at Wayne High School and Miami Middle School as well as Blackhawk Middle School, and building expansions and renovations at Scott Academy and Franke Park Elementary. The proposed program also includes numerous security improvements, roof replacements, ADA accessibility improvements, corridor, lighting and window replacements and various buildings across the district. The proposed program has a total budget of $130 million and the payments are structured so as not to exceed the currently approved and promised maximum debt service tax rate of $0.3028 per $100 of assessed property value.

The referendum is supported by many notable figures from throughout the community, including Councilmen Freistroffer, Didier and Hines, NFL Athlete Jason Baker and more video endorsements found on the REPAIR FWCS website. In addition to the testimonials, you can find more information about the referendum and how it will help FWCS staff, educators and students at www.repairfwcs2020.com.

This article is sponsored by REPAIR FWCS is a political action committee supporting the REPAIR FWCS referendum program. The program, formally called the School Basic Renewal/Restoration and Safety Projects, is a needs-only building renovation plan for Fort Wayne Community Schools. We feel that with the major impact that this will have on several school buildings serving the greater Waynedale area that this referendum work will be of great importance and impact to your readers and the Waynedale community.

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