Four students from Ivy Tech Community College Fort Wayne participated in the AT&T FirstNet Hackathon on Sept. 13–14 as part of a team comprised of fifteen students from seven Ivy Tech campuses across Indiana. The collaborative Ivy Tech team won first place in “Best App for the Opioid Crisis” and second place in the “Best App from a Student Team” categories, taking home a total of $7,000 in prize money.

The fourth annual Hackathon gathered software developers from across Indiana to create mobile apps that could assist firefighters, law enforcement, and emergency management services. Developers worked non-stop over 24 hrs. to create mobile apps in the following categories: public safety, the opioid crisis and improved engagement between first responders and the communities they serve.

Ivy Tech students developed a mobile app focused on having qualified/trained community members register as potential aids to assist first responders. The volunteers could be trained to administer Narcan, a drug that can counteract an opioid overdose. If a 9-1-1 call is received and the emergency occurred near a properly trained community member, they could assist by arriving and rendering first aid while emergency crews were still responding. The app would also provide the civilian volunteers with advice on how to assist the patient pending arrival of emergency crews.

The four students from Ivy Tech Fort Wayne who competed in the Hackathon are James Anunda, Kendall Arnold, Shannen Regan, and John Bradin. Ivy Tech Fort Wayne faculty members Kris Roberts, department chair for Information Technology, and Lucy La Hurreau, assistant professor for Cyber-Security-Information Assurance, supported the student team. This is the first time students from Ivy Tech Fort Wayne have competed in the event.

“This is a win for Ivy Tech because it demonstrates that students from various campuses can come together and collaborate as a team while competing against other organizations and demonstrate their prowess in software development and information technology,” says Roberts. “Taking second in ‘Best App from a Student Team’ and first place for ‘Best App for the Opioid Crisis’ categories is kudos to their abilities and to Ivy Tech in general.”

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