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A local business is sporting a brand new color-spangled wall to help celebrate a recent Waynedale event, as well as its long-time existence at its current location.

A new mural is splashed all over the side of the Hair Affair building at 6200 Bluffton Road, its bright colors beaming out toward the Waynedale thoroughfare, and attracting customers, and art gawkers, to the long-time hair styling firm.

Owner Karen McClain said the original idea was to dress up her business for the recent Walk in Waynedale event, which happened Saturday, July 27.
McClain said work on the piece was started the Thursday before the Walk in Waynedale, and finished about a week later. “We really wanted to have something inspiring and uplifting for our building,” she said, “and something that would make Waynedale beautiful.”
But the effect has lasted much longer.

She said since then, even long after the July event, several people are pulling into the business’ parking lot just to get a glimpse of the artwork. “It was neat to have it during the Walk in Waynedale,” McClain said. “And we’re getting just the kind of reaction we’d hoped for.”

The piece was done by local artist Sarah Thompson, who said the project cost about $3,000 to complete. Thompson, who’s been working as a local artist for several years, said the mural is meant to capture the flavor of the business, as well as its owners. She said it took her about seven days to finish the work.

The art shows a fiery bird of prey lording over a patch of rough blue-and-green wavy waters. Opposite the bird, a woman’s face looks down on the building, her flowing hair a mixture of red, orange and yellow. Thompson’s name is etched into a small corner in the upper left.

“My inspiration came from the business owners themselves,” Thompson said. “They are strong, beautiful women, and their drive and determination inspired the piece.”

McClain said she and co-owner Kathy Frieberger had seen Thompson’s work elsewhere, and knew they wanted her to be the piece’s creator. “We saw what she had done before,” she said, “and we pretty much just let her use her artistic talent. And she really did a great job.”

The Hair Affair has been in business for about 40 years, more than 15 at the current location, McClain said. The firm employs about 12 people, including herself and Frieberger, she said.

Thompson said her piece is meant not just to advertise the business, but also inspire those lucky enough to catch a glimpse of it.

“I hope people smile when they see it and feel encouraged,” Thompson said. “I hope it inspires them to do something creative and carefree and I hope it leads them to book an appointment with one of the talented stylists at Hair Affair!”

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