This year, GiveHear was awarded $35,000 from AWS Foundation for the work of the local nonprofit hearing clinic.

AWS Foundation supports a wide range of organizations in northeast Indiana working to develop a community in which people with enduring intellectual, developmental, and physical disabilities are engaged fully and meaningfully in all aspects of community life.

“The staff ensured my mother understood every aspect of how the hearing aids will help in her life, and how the program worked. There was no pressure, the plan was nice and simple. This would be a wonderful program to support. I would highly encourage you to checkout GiveHear, what a precious gift to give of any age.” – Carol Savage, daughter of GiveHear patient

This donation will allow GiveHear to continue serving and expanding their patient base in need of hearing healthcare. The reduced fee, sliding fee scale clinic was started in 2011 in an effort to provide hearing aids and hearing healthcare to the uninsured and under-served in our community.

“Thanks to this very generous support from the AWS Foundation GiveHear is able to continue growing our audiology services to individuals of all ages with disabilities. This funding helps us reach towards our vision that no person is prevented from full participation in life due to hearing loss.” – Brian White, GiveHear Executive Director

GiveHear is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization committed to providing the Gift of Hearing. Our desire is that no person is prevented from full participation in life due to hearing loss. Our mission is to build the self-worth of individuals by restoring their hearing potential and providing them with opportunities to engage with their communities through service to others. To learn more about programs, please visit: www.GiveHear.org

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