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Training began at the Public Safety Academy: Ivy Tech South Campus for the new recruits who will fill vacancies created through anticipated and unanticipated retirements. The additional firefighters will also enhance the fire department’s level of service by ensuring four firefighters are on a fire apparatus at all times.

“It’s critical that we keep residents, neighborhoods and businesses as safe as possible,” said Mayor Henry. “Today, our newest fire recruits begin their journey as members of our team committed to making a lasting and meaningful difference. Public safety as a profession is high calling, and I’m impressed by the professionalism and dedication each recruit is demonstrating.”

“Having a properly staffed fire department is crucial to fulfilling the Fort Wayne Fire Department’s mission of saving lives and protecting property,” said Chief Lahey. “The 92nd recruit class of the Fort Wayne Fire Department represents the City’s commitment to helping the Department fulfil that mission. These 22 recruits will graduate in December and increase our staffing levels to 367 firefighters.”

Currently, there are 353 firefighters with the Fort Wayne Fire Department, with eight more retirements expected before the end of the year.

The Fort Wayne Fire Department is responsible for providing life-saving services and property conservation through its fire and EMS services to the second largest city in Indiana as well as infrastructure critical to the entire region. Adding firefighters will result in optimal response and protection capabilities during the nearly 23,000 runs encountered annually by the department.

The Waynedale News Staff

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