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On May 2, Stephanie Gottesman, creator of the podcast called Women are Fort Wayne, was voted winner of Fort Wayne’s SOUP’s second event of 2019. Women are Fort Wayne is a podcast series that highlights the accomplishments of the women in Fort Wayne and surrounding areas. The content focuses on social issues affecting women that are both current as well as inspiring.

Fort Wayne Soup is micro-grant community dinner that uses crowdfunding to help launch creative projects aimed to enhance Fort Wayne. To date, Fort Wayne SOUP has donated over $9,936 to a variety of projects that have positively impacted our community. Future events for 2019 are scheduled on July 25 and September 12 at The Summit (1025 W. Rudisill Blvd, Fort Wayne, IN 46807).

Last week, more than 50 people attended Fort Wayne SOUP to listen to 4 presenters pitch ideas that would help Fort Wayne thrive. Each presenter had 4 minutes to pitch their idea and make the case as to why they should receive the most votes and win funding for their project. The presenter with the most votes received the money at the door, as well as matching sponsorship dollars.

Gottesman won Fort Wayne’s community support and dollars by highlighting how a podcast series featuring the women of Fort Wayne would help bring inspiring stories and role models in the community to the forefront. She is a recent transplant to Fort Wayne and is very interested in documenting the projects and the women she is discovering in her new home. Gottesman plans to use the funds awarded by Fort Wayne SOUP to buy high quality recording equipment and to put towards studio rental time.

The Waynedale News Staff

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