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GLYNN HINES (D) – At-Large Candidate

Greetings my fellow Fort Wayne citizens,

Twenty years ago in the month of April, when I first came onto City Council, I felt enthused about the opportunity to serve the public and help lead our wonderful city in a new and progressive direction. And I would submit to you that we have achieved a great deal of positive development throughout the city these past 20 years. Especially, these past 10 years downtown and the riverfront. The Harrison and Parkview field were doubted by many who did not think it was prudent to invest tax dollars into private development, but now everyone would agree that it is the cornerstone of downtown development.

As was intended, that initial investment has a multiplier effect on millions of dollars of new investment like ASH Brokerage, Sirva, new hotels, new restaurants, Riverfront and The Landing redevelopment.

People who know me and have watched my voting record while on council would agree that I have supported economic development, infrastructure improvements and supported hiring more police and fire personnel for public safety. Crime rates are down all over the city and we are training two new classes of police and fire professionals this month.

We are now paving more streets and repairing more sidewalks and even alleys than ever in the history of Fort Wayne’s infrastructure improvements. Mayor Tom Henry recently announced that $31 million of improvements would happen this year alone.

What we need on city council is strong servant-leadership which listens to the citizens and can make positive decisions which will continue to focus on sustained growth with livable wage jobs and improves the quality of life in Fort Wayne.
Now the question is do we want to continue in this positive direction or roll the dice and take a chance on someone who does not have the experience and proven track record that I have displayed these past 20 years. My answer is absolutely to support Councilman Hines!

I would encourage you and your family and your good friends to vote for Glynn Hines for at-large City Council on May 7 and November 5.

Endorsed by: Journal Gazette Editorial Board, Fire Fighters P.A.C. Local #124
Reliable … Experienced … Accountable … Dependable


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