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On September 2, 1932 the first Waynedale Newspaper rolled off the presses. Since then, The Waynedale News continues to be the messenger and community information hub. With the increase in social media use and the decline of newspapers world-wide, The Waynedale News continues to be something that many residents look forward to receiving every two weeks. A completely free newspaper, the newspaper’s high printing, publishing and delivery costs to provide a free newspaper to over 10,000 homes and bulk deliveries to over 250 businesses are directly funded with support from local business sponsorships and advertising, however it does accept personal donations from residents.

September 2nd also marks the 9th year as Publisher for Alex Cornwell, who was just 22 years old when he took over the newspaper. Cornwell has been instrumental in the newspaper’s success not only in publishing the newspaper, but also using the organization to connect the community to accomplish positive goals, initiatives and projects. Cornwell has been a community advocate for just about every major community event and improvement project since 2009. He was a founder and active member of the Waynedale Community Improvement Team, the Waynedale Business Chamber and the Waynedale Sidewalks & Trails Initiative, which continue to complete improvements to better the quality of life for residents in the area.

In the midst of negative and “fake news,” The Waynedale News had long ago chosen to highlight only the positive local news happening in the area. Cornwell believes that, “Our beacon of positive news contributes to a positive image of the community for residents inside and those outside of the Waynedale area. We feel it may have also lead to more volunteers becoming involved in community initiatives and many projects being done. Unlike other news sources, we don’t have ‘gotcha’ headlines or controversial stories meant solely to attract angry readers. In contrast, we feel the best news is ‘good news’ that make people feel good about their community and do good works in it, as well as to make others want to live here.”

Since, it’s a free newspaper, it’s truly the support from the community that keeps it alive. Cornwell says that if you appreciate The Waynedale News and the work it does for the community, and want to make sure it keeps printing in the future that you can help by supporting it’s advertisers and sponsors. Another easy way Cornwell says you can help is to follow, like and share Waynedalenews.com articles on social media to spread the word about positive works in Waynedale. If you’re not currently receiving the newspaper and would like to via mail, please see more about subscriptions here.

Cornwell and the staff of The Waynedale News would like to thank all of its readers, advertisers and sponsors for their continued support!

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