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A native plant identification hike is scheduled for rookies in one of the Allen County preserves for spring wildflowers.

On Saturday, April 14 at 8:45am you’ll begin learning how to be a wildflower detective by recognizing the clues a wildflower gives us. You will be using guidebooks, magnifiers and best guess to arrive at a successful identification.

This area, Fogwell Forest Nature Preserve, is a wet woodland, so clean boots are required.

The hike is limited to 15 participants. Carpooling is required.

Everyone will meet at Starbucks, Village of Coventry, 5723 Coventry Lane, Fort Wayne, IN at 8:45am. The hike will return to Starbucks at 11am.

This event is presented by INPAWS Northeast Chapter. The Northeast Chapter of INPAWS belongs to a statewide organization. Members are a diverse mix of naturalists, gardeners, conservationists, scientists, writers and photographers.

Go to Indiana Native Plant And Wildlife Society to register. Only 5 spots left!

If this event is cancelled due to our never-ending winter postponing the growth of wildflowers, registrants will be notified.

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