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Were you a Blue or Green person? It seems silly to ask which color best represents a community, but in the context of the recently released report of a community survey, it may help in branding, assist in design elements or could be incorporated into area projects in the future.

The Waynedale Business Chamber, Corridor Committee recently released a summary report of a survey that explores the perception of Waynedale, its features and landmarks as well as which improvements should be made within the community. The 10-minute survey was completed by over 300 individuals; where 61% identified themselves as living within the community, 36% felt they were outside boundaries and the remaining 3% did not respond to the question.

The Chamber’s Corridor Committee hopes to use the data collected from community residents and non-residents to give insight in branding Waynedale’s ‘identity’, give priority to community improvement projects, as well as to attract residents and new businesses. The options selected by participants were not intended to be a vote of specific choices, but rather a general guide and feel for the Chamber to base decisions on.

Over the upcoming months, the survey data will be recompiled in a more complex way to guide future projects, such as the Waynedale Corridor. Recompiling the data in complex demographics such as age, income, location, and whether they see themselves as living in ‘Waynedale’ will help the Chamber look more deeply into the needs and perceptions of specific sets of people.

Survey takers were also given the opportunity to write more than the set questions about the perception of the community, improvements and general comments. And, they took full advantage to express their thoughts; comments of all lengths were combined totaling more than 30 pages. As expected in any community survey, there were a mix of positive and negative comments, but the Chamber hopes to incorporate all constructive ideas as they plan projects in the future.

The summary report includes visual charts of only the current raw data as well as a selection of additional comments representing most of the ideas expressed on that topic. The public is invited to view the Community Survey summary report online at waynedale.com/survey

The Waynedale Business Chamber would like to express their thanks to all of the participants of the survey who took time to share their insight.

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