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Does anyone else remember traversing “the wall” in the 60s at The Clyde? Roger Wilson does and still can! Roger reminiscing says, “I remember one of my favorite movies back in the 60s was a film with Clint Eastwood titled ‘A Fistful of Dollars’. And I saw that one here! It was Clint Eastwood’s first real movie.”

“The building, originally built in 1951 as a 1,782-seat movie theater, was purchased by Rick Kinney in 2012 after being abandoned and vacant for nearly 20 years. Kinney’s vision was to resurrect the theater, complete an extensive renovation and reopen the facility as a state-of-the-art concert venue and special event center. For 6 years Kinney worked tirelessly to raise awareness of The Clyde project and secure the millions of dollars needed to renovate the theater. Thanks to a major contribution from Chuck and Lisa Surack, construction began in 2017.”

The Clyde Theatre is scheduled to begin featuring concerts, art exhibits, film, theatre, sporting and corporate events on Sunday, May 6.

This is their mission and they are sticking to it! Yet, multiple areas of the renovated theater have yet to be completed. “It’s crush time!” with just a few weeks remaining to get it together before show time workers continue to restore the Clyde Theatre in Quimby Village, along Bluffton Road. Some companies are working day and night to get the job done. Majority of the parking lot is completed-front parking area paved and striped-back lot yet to finish.

With his golden-colored construction hat Roger Wilson from Dancer concrete & design states, “Every company is protecting their territory right now in order to get their part of the job completed.” Or, according to the contracts, there could be a penalty/fine for not completing on time. “We’re doing great things. Working late hours to enhance and restore The Clyde,” said Roger.

Roger toured through some of the beautifully constructed backstage performers’ dressing rooms and areas which included showers. Standing on the performing stage, we both looked at each other and wondered if the crowd standing and seated of 2200 would fit. Above the main floor are private VIP suites, which may not be completed by the first show.

First show is planned to set foot on stage Sunday, May 6th – an Evening with Pink Droyd.

Cindy Cornwell

Cindy Cornwell

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