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Dennis Nolan-Service Manager at Legacy Heating and Cooling is ready to assist even when it’s cold. He’s the go-to guy if you have any questions with your furnace.
Yes, it’s cold! Niagara Falls froze. Temperatures of -45 degrees were recorded in Minnesota. And even lower in South and North Dakota. Numerous record low temperatures were reported all over the country. Here in the Waynedale area, temperatures were recorded as low as -13 degrees °F on Tuesday, January 2, 2018, setting a record according to the Fort Wayne International Airport.

Unfortunately, these temperatures have been a familiar feel for days, going into weeks. It’s not so much the cold that is getting people down, it’s the relentlessness of it.

And with this long, cold spell comes unusually difficult consequences.

Water main breaks, frozen gas lines in cars, furnaces not working and frozen pipes.

If it has happened to you, you are not alone.

We’ve all heard about it and read about it: “Let the water from your faucet drip. Open the cupboard doors.” Still people don’t follow the instructions. Even if you do, the constant cold temperatures could result in a big mess.

Dennis Nolan, Legacy’s Heating and Cooling Service Manager, reported experiencing hundreds of calls due to cold weather issues. On this day by noon, more than eight emergency calls had already been covered.
So far, the majority of emergency calls are from furnaces not working. Legacy tries to take care of our community, putting senior citizens and children first, Dennis said.

It’s when temperatures dip down below zero—for days—that cause the problems. Or, if you put your heat down too low, pipes can freeze.

So what can you do?

“Leave the cupboard doors open at night, even during the day, when the temperatures outside are the lowest. Also, leave your faucet running to keep it from freezing,” said Legacy’s Service Manager. “By keeping that water flowing through the system you can prevent the freezing. Just one faucet, about pencil-lead size stream of cold, not hot, water running. Hot water freezes faster.” Other helpful suggestions he said was to, “Keep your garage door shut. And keep the heat up, even if you are not there.”

With temperatures getting so low some furnaces are running full time and if not properly maintained, breakdown is more likely. If one part isn’t working correctly, the entire furnace shuts down-for safety. “Change those filters regularly and on time. It doesn’t matter if they look dirty or not, change them. And get your furnace serviced once a year. That way, it is on your time, and cheaper than an emergency call,” advised the 39-year experienced employee at Legacy Heating and Cooling.

Waynedale and the surrounding area had a break from the cold recently, but it is January. And, we do live in Indiana. Rain has changed to sleet and temperatures have once again dropped significantly. Side streets and intersections throughout the City of Fort Wayne are slick. If you are driving, slow down. If you are walking or running, use caution.

Amid the cold snap, please keep in mind the elderly, young children and pets. Check on them often. Stay warm. Pop some corn, throw another log on the fire, and relax-it’s good for the soul.

Cindy Cornwell

Cindy Cornwell

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