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“Brainstorms! A Big Hole and the North Pole”

This is Allen Shaw’s second book in the “Brainstorms” series. It again follows the imaginary travels of a young boy and his grandfather. This time there is a trip to the North Pole, but there is a surprising twist at the end of their journey, that follows them back to their real lives. It is filled with beautiful illustrations, bursting with color and creativity. Both of Allen’s books can be found at Amazon by searching J. Allen Shaw.

Allen is a former music teacher at Elmhurst High School and was also an Elmhurst alum. He has lived in Waynedale most of his life, as did his parents and grandparents. He attends the Fort Wayne Christian Writers group that meets in the Waynedale Library the 4th Tuesday of each month.

“Brainstorms! A Big Hole and the North Pole” was introduced in the Fort Wayne area at the Fort Wayne Authors Fair on Saturday, November 11th at the Allen County Public Library downtown, 900 Library Plaza.

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