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The Sunshine Circle of Mount Calvary Lutheran Church recently sent a check to Lutheran World Relief for the following items: A Hen and Chicks, and a Piglet.

These are gifts that keep on giving. The eggs from the hen and sometimes even a chick is given by the original receiver to a relative, friend or sometimes even to a neighbor in the countries served by LWR. The Piglet will be raised, mated and have a brood of little piglets, again to share.

Of all the Christmas gifts we will be giving and receiving from family and friends, this gift means a better life, and that is what Christmas is all about. Our Savior gave Himself as a gift of life for all of us.

Although our Circle is small (only 5 women, all in their 80s) we love our Lord, families and church.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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