Author, Sandy with her service dog Gia. Meet them and check out Sandy’s newly published book, I Am Gia: Rescue Dog, at the Perfect Pet store in Bluffton on Saturday, December 16 from 10am-1pm.
Born with a disability, a dog named Gia, was given to a rescuer. After a thorough exam from a veterinarian, it was decided that Gia’s leg needed to be amputated, due to a congenital birth defect. This tagged Gia as a tripawd-a three-legged dog.

Amanda, the dog’s rescuer and trainer, realized that Gia was special. So she, aware of someone hearing impaired that needed some help at home, gave Sandy Gianelli a call.

Sandy and Gia have traveled similar paths. They are both handicapped; Sandy with a hearing disability and Gia with only 3 legs.

After meeting, Sandy fell in love with Gia. She decided that adoption would be a great idea. But before adopting, she needed to introduce her two dogs, one a bullmastiff and the other a shit-tzu, making sure that Gia would be a good fit for the entire family.

After being trained as a service dog, together, Sandy and Gia went through additional training, and became a certified therapy team.

Gia, the service, now therapy dog became more than just a dog, she became Sandy’s partner, friend and companion. Gia assists Sandy in every day duties-making life for her more bearable.

“Gia has changed my life,” explained Sandy. “I fell in love with her, like family, and really appreciate her.” Sandy’s life changed with her companion providing unwavering love, support, guidance and help with tasks for everyday living.

Gia does an excellent job signaling sounds for Sandy.

Sandy takes Gia everywhere, traveling, shopping, restaurants, you name it, with very few problems, because she is a service dog. Gia can respond to sign language and behaves well in public. And more importantly, is Sandy’s lifeline. “She’s my ears!” said Sandy, “responsible for my hearing, like answering the door, the phone, microwave buzzer, alarm clock.” Service dogs can also pick up, push and retrieve items.

“My journey with Gia has led me to a place now where I can help others.” “And, that is what my book, I AM GIA: RESCUE DOG, is all about. Helping others just like us with disabilities.”

Sandy has written a children’s book. This is a tale of rescue, service, disability and adoption into a new home with lots of love to go around. The author went on to say, “I want kids to know that they can be whatever they want, even if they are disabled, different or adopted.”

Gia has been trained to do greetings with people, so on Saturday, December 16, from 10am-1pm, this special service dog, along with her owner Sandy Gianelli, author of the book “I AM GIA: RESCUE DOG”, will be sharing their love at the Perfect Pet store in Bluffton, Indiana. At that time, books can be purchased at Perfect Pet, 618 N. Main Street, Bluffton, IN. You can also purchase ahead of time on Amazon Books and Amazon Kindle.

“God did not give me a disability. He gave me the ABILITY to overcome things that most would deem impossible” ~Author Unknown

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