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We want to take a moment and share with you the exciting things that have happened at Yes! Automotive since we opened one year ago.

Thanks to your support, for the past three months we have been the 2nd largest independent dealer in Allen County. Additionally, we are currently the fastest growing new dealer in the State of Indiana.

My family, staff and I are humbled and grateful for the support you have shown us. It shows not only in the volume of units we have sold, but also in the overwhelmingly positive reviews you all have shared with your family and friends.

In appreciation of all you have done for us, we have attempted to give back to the community by giving away backpacks in the spring for back to school and sponsoring the Waynedale picnic.

We are proud of the community that we work and very much appreciate all you, we truly feel we have the best customers around!

You can visit Yes! Automotive at their Waynedale location: 7015 Bluffton Rd. Fort Wayne, Indiana anytime Monday through Saturday from 9:30a-7p. Or visit their website yesautomotivein.com for more information.

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