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Bishop Luers High School recently announced the recipients of the 2017 Distinguished Knight Awards after the celebration of the Mass at the Chapel of Saint Francis of Assisi for Homecoming on September 22. Eileen Brodmerkel was named the outstanding alumnus, and John Sorg received the honorary alumnus.

Brodmerkel, who received the 2017 Distinguished Knight award, is a proud graduate of Bishop Luers Class of 1967. She recently retired after 25 years of teaching English at Bishop Luers. She loves the school, sending her own children here, and she continues to be a substitute teacher at Bishop Luers on a weekly basis. 

This Distinguished Knight has a strong faith that keeps her volunteering at her home parish of Saint John the Baptist, Fort Wayne, participating in both the Arts & Enrichment and the festival committees. She also volunteers at her brother Father Bill Sullivan’s parish, St. John the Baptist, New Haven.

Brodmerkel is a true example of the qualifications required for the Distinguished Knight; a graduate who has contributed outstanding and distinguished service to their community and who contributes dedication and support to Bishop Luers.  

Sorg, the honorary Distinguished Knight award recipient, came to Bishop Luers High School in 1963. At the time, he was only one of five lay people. The rest of the staff were religious brothers, sisters and priests.

He held many leadership positions at Bishop Luers including athletic director, and is a published author of a textbook.

He has worked with every staff person from August of 1963 through May of 2017.

Blood donation is a value this honorary Distinguished Knight has adopted and this person has been recognized by the Red Cross for his major blood donations over the past 25 years.

Sorg is well known for his gifts of time, talent and treasure to Bishop Luers and the Fort Wayne community.

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