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Thirteen Bishop Luers students, two alumni, plus teacher Carrie Bubb went on service trip to Haiti, which took place July 16-28. At orientation meetings Bubb shared history and offered insights on the service trip.

Bubb, a French teacher at Bishop Luers, said, “The goal of the trip is not just to positively impact the people that we will be working with, but also to grow and change ourselves. This will be a life-changing experience and we are very excited to be able to share this experience with our students at Bishop Luers.”

The students are the second group from Bishop Luers to do service work in Haiti. Bubb has been to Haiti several times since the 2010 earthquake.

Bishop Luers students have been holding fundraisers, seeking sponsors for the service projects, picking up items to be donated and also raising funds for the purchase of goats, which will be delivered to a Haitian village where the Bishop Luers students will be working.

“The students will meet the families whose lives will change through the goat project,” Bubb added. She said the goat project is one of the students’ favorite projects.

Bubb said, “We will get to sit in their homes and see their blankets-for-roofs, and know that we did something so that next time we visit, maybe the blanket will be gone, replaced with sheet-metal for a roof.”

The students will also meet orphans, “who will crowd around just wanting to be loved and held,” Bubb added. “We can know that the clothes we gathered will clothe them, and the money we raised will help feed them. We will meet the children, skinny and shoe-less, in the villages, who will group around and hope that they are close enough to hold our hands when we start walking. We will know that the money we raised will help provide those children with clean drinking water or allow them the chance to go to school.”

Another project of the Bishop Luers students is to work at a school being built in a community established after the 2010 earthquake. They will paint the school and some art students will paint a mural. They will visit another school in Haiti with a curriculum set up by the University of Notre Dame.

The French Club kept a blog so that the community can “virtually” join them on the service trip. Sponsors and donors can see the impact that their contributions have made. The blog address is blhshaiti2017.blogspot.com

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