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Neighborhood associations in and around Fort Wayne can earn money this summer by painting fire hydrants within their neighborhoods. City Utilities will provide the paint and the necessary tools, and will pay neighborhood associations $5 for each hydrant painted within their addition.

Keeping fire hydrants painted brightly helps the Fire Department spot hydrants when approaching a fire scene, particularly in rainy or snowy weather. The painting program enables City Utilities’ crews to focus on fixing and maintaining water lines and providing other services to customers.

Associations should contact City Utilities before painting any hydrants and may participate in the program once in a five-year period. City Utilities will coordinate with a neighborhood representative to provide “hydrant yellow” paint and wire brushes needed to prepare the hydrant surface for painting.

Neighborhoods will need to supply their own paint brushes. When the painting project is finished, the association should submit a list of the hydrants within their addition that have been painted. City Utilities will pay the association $5 for each hydrant. A check from City Utilities will be made payable to a neighborhood association, not an individual.

The program runs from now through the end of September. Interested associations should call 311 to participate.

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