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IT’S TIME TO PAINT – Homeowner Rx

So we’ve been talking about your weeds and grass the last few months, so now it’s time to look up!

Let’s look at your house, and more specifically, at the paint. Starting to blister a little bit? Wife wants the front door color changed to something she saw on the House Beautiful cable TV show? Or is it just time for a fresh look to the living room?

No problem. Painting your house, whether indoors or out, isn’t that hard. Especially if you follow a few rules.

Clean, Repair, Sand, Prime & Paint!

Let’s start with cleaning. Whether it’s greasy fingerprints or chalky paint, always start with a clean slate before you start painting. A dirty, greasy surface will keep the new paint from sticking properly, and a job that might have taken only one coat may end up taking a lot more time and dollars to complete.

Then it’s time to repair. Places where the paint has chipped off, a little car mirror damage on the garage door trim, or if woodpeckers and carpenter bees are doing their thing, all need to be fixed before you open up that can of paint. The more you can make that surface look as smooth as possible before you start painting, the better chance you’ll end up with a great painting job when you’re all done.

Sanding. This is the one step that my customers most frequently skip. The glossier a paint surface, the easier it is to clean. But the same slick surface that allows dirt and grease to be wiped off may also keep a new coat of paint from sticking. So sand to degloss a glossy surface and to smooth off any rough spots from any repair you had to do. And don’t forget to remove the sanding dust!

Time to prime! Even though some paints are advertised as a paint and primer all in one, every now and then it’s best to also prime. When the surface is very hard or very slick. When there is an odor you’re trying to cover. When you are painting over a dark color. These situations and a few others generally call for a coat of primer. Do your research and ask your paint retailer for advice.

Now, don’t go to all the work to do all the prep and then wimp out on the finish coat. I’ve seen side-by-side testing of different grades of paint and it does make a difference. We let the Kmarts, Walmarts and other big boxes carry the $17 a gallon paint that won’t cover a dark color, spatters as you roll it on, or takes 3 coats to get an even, quality finish. Come to a retailer you trust, discuss your project, and pick the right products that will not only keep your billfold happy, but will give you something to show off for many years to come.

Have a painting question? Send it in and I’ll pick a question, and answer it in next month’s article. Just go to The Waynedale News Facebook page, comment on The Waynedale News website, or just give me a call at my Waynedale store.

Happy painting!
– Dave Umber
3rd Generation Owner
Umber’s Do It Best Hardware

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