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(l-r) Jessica Rolf-educational program director of the Northeast Indiana YWCA, Joni Kuhn-coordinator of Heather’s Closet, Kaitlyn Andorfer-award recipient and Cindy Figel-Heather’s Closet coordinator.
Heather’s Closet, in cooperation with the YWCA and Bishop Luers High School, presented Heather’s Hope Award to Kaitlyn Andorfer on Thursday, February 23, at an assembly at Bishop Luers High School. Kaitlyn Andorfer, Bishop Luers Class of 2014, counseled a college roommate who was in a destructive dating relationship.

The Heather’s Hope Award recognizes a young person, under age 25, who is bringing hope to the community. This individual is someone who gives back to the community and promotes healthy relationships among peers.

Heather’s Closet is an organization in memory of Heather Norris with a mission to prevent teen dating violence. February was Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month.

This award recognizes a young person, under age 25, who brings hope to the community.

The Heather’s Hope Award was presented through the Heather’s Closet organization in cooperation with the Northeast Indiana YWCA and Bishop Luers High School.

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