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Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana is reaching out and asking the public for donations of plastic shower chairs and other personal care items. These items are essential in helping people with cancer bathe safely at home.

Cancer Services served 2,965 families in 2016 by providing emotional support and practical assistance. This assistance included loaning out more than 1,000 pieces of durable medical equipment from the facility’s warehouse. Shower chairs, which Cancer Services provides to clients free of charge, ensures the client’s safety and allows them to reserve their energy for other tasks during the day.

Cancer Services will accept shower chairs with or without a back rest. Shower chairs with a back rest are often more comfortable for cancer patients.

In addition to shower chairs, the public can also donate personal items, like positioning wedge pillows for head and shoulder support, over-the-bed tables, and pull-up adult briefs in any size, although medium and large sizes have the largest demand. These items give a person living with cancer a sense of independence and comfort.

Donations can be dropped off at Cancer Services, 6316 Mutual Drive, Fort Wayne, IN 46825. A donation acknowledgment letter is available for tax records.

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