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Escape Room Cory FordA local businessman draws upon lessons and values learned growing up in Waynedale. Corey Ford is the owner and operator of Fort Wayne Escape Room, one of Fort Wayne’s most exciting and unique enterprises. Ford spent 18 years of his youth in the Waynedale community, and his time spent here influences the way Fort Wayne Escape Room operates.

For five years, Fort Wayne Escape Room has crafted unique experiences for their patrons. Escape rooms are a relatively new phenomenon, so it wouldn’t be surprising if you haven’t heard of them. The basic description is that you are put into a room with a group of people in which you must solve a series of puzzles to escape before time elapses. The current scenarios offered at Ford’s escape room range from pirate ship to space station, and you’ll likely find yourself becoming fully immersed in the adventure your group attempts.

The compelling stories of Fort Wayne Escape Room are what sets it apart from other escape rooms in the area. Ford attributes his knack for good storytelling to his grandmother who would often regale him with tales, and helped to foster his creativity and imagination.

Some of Ford’s fondest memories of childhood are of riding his bike to Jerry’s Burger Dairy or Dairy Queen on Lower Huntington Road to get snacks. Later in life, he learned valuable lessons about hard work and perseverance from teachers at Wayne High School, specifically a biology teacher Peter Lusenhop.

Ford’s success with the escape room has been recognized by others in the area, and his talents for creating exciting adventures are in high demand. Ford is currently developing locations in three other states. He hasn’t quite attained the level of success he desires for Fort Wayne Escape Room, and says that there is a lot more work to be done.

One thing is certain, Waynedale can be proud of what Ford and his team have accomplished. He set out to create interactive entertainment that gets people moving and enjoying themselves, and he has succeeded in creating one of Fort Wayne’s unique and fun activities.

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