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Everyone loves the beauty and innocence of a baby. In January of 2016, as an expression of that love, St. Therese parishioners and school children had an opportunity to “spiritually adopt” a child who was newly conceived. Many parents tragically experience the loss of a child due to miscarriage or premature birth. Many other babies lose their lives to abortion. These are the babies we were being asked to “adopt” simply by praying for them each day. You could “adopt” a baby individually or as a family by filling out a pledge card with the name of a baby. A prayer for the unborn child was said each day for 8 months. The school children all said their prayers as a class. Each month a poster of the baby’s growth in Mommies’ womb was viewed by all in the gathering area of our church and later in the school. Also, each month a thank you letter from our babies was in the church bulletin and in the school’s newsletter, describing its growth and thanking you for your prayers.

The school children had an essay contest titled “Every Child Brings Us God’s Smile” 5th through 8th grade and a coloring contest 1st grade through 4th. Winners for the essay were 1st place Cassandra Tapia and 2nd place Mary Bireley. Winners for the coloring contest were 1st place Grace Freibuger and 2nd place Christian Pentoja.

In the 8th month, baby pictures from some of our parishioner’s children were on display in the gathering area of the church. Then the Parish and school children celebrated the birth of our “adopted” babies with a huge successful baby shower for the Women’s Care Center. We delivered to the Women’s Care Center 2 vans full of necessary baby items. They told us they were expecting 866 babies in the next couple of months.

The whole Parish and school, as part of the celebration, were invited to enjoy a cupcake as a thank you for all of their prayers. With millions of babies desperately needing our prayers it is very rewarding knowing that the Women’s Care Center is expecting 866 new babies.

Looking forward to doing this again and would be willing to help anyone interested in this program. Call Betty at 747-0773.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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