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SWCC CARVINGGrant Sims, a new member to The Southwest Conservation Club, recently volunteered his services as a wood carver to create some new décor for the clubhouse. Grant has only been carving for the past 9 months, but this hobby has quickly turned into a passion. Armed with a chainsaw and some other woodworking tools, Grant carved 2 tall bears, 1 short bear and plans to carve a lighthouse on the Club’s campground.

Grant’s assistance with carving these pieces of art shows new life beginning to sprout for the historic Club, which experienced a fire in April and has been remodeling ever since. The Southwest Conservation Club has stated that they do not have a grand opening date, as of yet but work is in progress.

If you would like to help the Southwest Conservation Club after the devastating fire, they are accepting donations online at www.gofundme.com/swcchelp or send donations by check to:
Conservation Club
Memo: Fire Donation
P.O. Box 9242
Fort Wayne, IN 46899-9242

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