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Kingston Fort 4 FitnessCaring Kingston employees have brainstormed a way to ensure that 19 determined residents are able to complete the Fort4Fitness Senior Challenge.

Due to cold and rainy weather, these seniors were not able to attend the event held on a Friday night at Parkview Field. Because they have been working hard all summer toward their goal it was important that they be recognized for their outstanding efforts. On Friday, October 7th at 3:15 p.m., a final heat in the Senior Marathon was held at Kingston Care Center, 1010 W. Washington Center Road. Beginning in the rehab center, residents walked the last lap of the race to the finish line where they were awarded their medals. Family members, staff and fellow residents were on hand to cheer them on to their goal.

The Fort4Fitness Senior Challenge is a 12-week walking program that equals a 26.2 mile marathon. The residents tracked their steps daily. As a group they walked a total of 1,152 miles over the 12-week period. Most were not satisfied to just walk the minimum. Eileen Gerardot, an 88-year-old walked a total of 71 miles during the time frame. She said, “that is something that I can do, it keeps me going.” Some residents walk and several of the residents propel themselves in wheelchairs or with the help of walkers.

Rachel Fox, Activity Director of Kingston Residence, 7515 Winchester Road, states, “The senior marathon has given residents at Kingston motivation to move and choose a healthy lifestyle. A huge sense of accomplishment is felt when receiving their medal and reflecting back at all their hard work throughout the summer.”

The activity directors often will continue the walking program by setting future goals such as “walking to New Orleans to celebrate Mardi Gras” or “to Washington for cherry blossom season”. They can track their progress on a map and log their miles.

Kingston HealthCare has three communities providing genuine care in Fort Wayne. Kingston Residence Assisted Living, 7515 Winchester Road; Kingston at Dupont Assisted Living Memory Care, 1716 E. Dupont; and Kingston Care Center Short Term Rehab and Continuing Care, 1010 W. Washington Center Road.

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