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Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School teachers Mrs. Julie Peters and Mrs. Jessica Patton and their first graders preparing to release their balloons as part of a class project.On August 23, the Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton first graders excitedly came out of the school building into the parking lot. They were each given a pink balloon with a note attached. At a given moment, the first graders were then directed by their teachers to release the dozens of pink balloons into the blue sky above. A drone tracked the movement of the released balloons.

It was part of a first grade class project to track how far the balloons will travel. When people find the balloons with the notes attached, they are asked to contact the first grade teachers and let them know where the balloon landed. The first graders will track on a map where the winds took the balloons, and how far the balloons traveled.

As part of the class project, the first graders will also draw a picture of what they imagine that the balloon sees as it travels. They will write a story to go with their drawing. The stories will be put together in a book for all the students to read. The first graders are the students of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School first grade teachers Mrs. Julie Peters and Mrs. Jessica Patton.

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