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Elmhurst HS Bus 1938 2Fort Wayne Community Schools’ fleet of more than 200 buses have been checked from top to bottom to make sure they are ready for the first day of school which is on Monday, August 15.

Each year, the Indiana State Police inspect each school bus to make sure they are in tip-top shape to transport students. The buses were poked and prodded with doors opened and closed, lights checked, engines inspected and more. Inspectors check everything from the brake systems and fuel lines to the number of band-aids on the bus.

FWCS has a history of excellent inspections, which is important because more than 15,000 students (about 50 percent) of the district’s students ride FWCS buses to and from school every day.

Inspections were complete at the South Transportation Center, near the previous Elmhurst High School, in July with all buses passing inspection.

Buses at the North Transportation Center were completed the first week of August.

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