July marks the 1-Year Anniversary for the Waynedale Business Chamber! During its first year, business owners in the Waynedale area have joined together to make some big plans within the community, which are now coming to full fruition. Members range from small mom-n-pop shops all the way up to representatives from large corporations. Focusing on safety, aesthetics, transportation, branding and other community enhancing initiatives, the Chamber works hand in hand, with its members, non-profits and local government to improve, maintain, and preserve Waynedale.

Over the past year, The Chamber has operated without any money collected or spent by partnering with other local organizations to accomplish its goals. As such, it is completely free for members to join and participate in. Any business within Waynedale is able to join, but membership will be subject to review if the business is located outside of the area.

Since it’s origination in June of 2015, the membership has grown and the group has overwhelmingly been successful in identifying projects that are of the greatest need for Waynedale residents and businesses. Because of this success, the community is better connected to the local government, area non-profits, businesses and residents within the area.

In the very-near future you will start to see Waynedale Buisiness Chamber signage in the windows of local businesses to show their membership and to identify those businesses who are volunteering their time to help the community.

If you would like more information and/or would like to become a member, please visit www.wayndale.com/business to download an orientation packet or attend an upcoming monthly meeting.

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