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Marathon runner, Bill Harris, takes note of the utility tool pole available for bikers to use located next to the water fountain, along the Tow Path Trail-corner of Engle Road and Jefferson Blvd.More than 70,000 walkers, joggers and cyclists journeyed Fort Wayne trails last month – smashing the previous trail user mark by nearly 18,000. Trail count numbers for June of this year hit 73,226. The previous high mark for June was 55,432, set in 2012.

“No doubt, the great weather we had last month contributed to the increased usage, but it’s clear the popularity of our trails and resident attachment continues to grow. We’ve seen steady numbers all year long, as residents are tapping into our trails for leisure, exercise and as a mode of transportation,” said Dawn Ritchie, Director of Greenways and Trails for the City of Fort Wayne.

In 2015, with record rainfall and flooding, June user totals of 27,523 were the lowest since counting began in 2010. Infrared counters are utilized to track trail users in 14 locations on City’s 70 miles of trails.  The Fort Wayne Trail Network adds another 20 miles outside of the City – creating a network of 90 miles in Allen County.

The City is working together with Fort Wayne Trails Inc. and Allen, Dekalb, Steuben and Wells counties to build the State Visionary Trail which will connect Pokagon State Park in Angola to Ouabache State Park in Bluffton.

Currently, about 22 miles of the 80-mile trail, which will come through Fort Wayne, have been completed. Later this month, the City and Fort Wayne Trails Inc. will make a presentation to the Regional Development Authority in hopes of gaining support to fund portions of this trail and further expand the trail network.

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