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Monarch on milkweedLocal nonprofit Little River Wetlands Project will hold its 2016 Monarch Festival at its Eagle Marsh preserve, 6801 Engle Road, Fort Wayne on Sunday, September 11, from noon to 4PM. Everyone is invited to attend this free family-friendly event to learn about, celebrate and nurture monarch butterflies.

Visitors can view monarchs from caterpillars to adults while learning about their life cycle and amazing 2,000-mile migration at educational presentations and displays, outdoor learning stations and hands-on activities for all ages. They can also enjoy walking an interpretive trail through spectacular wildflowers to observe these iconic butterflies nectaring or roosting almost close enough to touch. Food will be available for purchase, as will items celebrating monarchs and other pollinators.

To help monarchs recover from recent population declines, guests will be given varieties of milkweed, the only plant on which the butterflies lay their eggs, to plant at the preserve or in home gardens. They will also be able to buy native plants to help pollinators including monarchs and other butterflies, bees and birds.

Finally, visitors can learn to tag monarchs to help scientists learn more about their migration to Mexico. Says LRWP Director of Preserves and Programs Betsy Yankowiak, “Get up close and personal with our most majestic butterflies and enjoy this fun fall event!”

Little River Wetlands Project is a local land trust that protects almost 1,200 acres of natural and restored wetlands in our area and offers free wetland/nature education programs for our community. Its 716-acre Eagle Marsh preserve is the largest inland urban wetland restoration in the U.S. More information is available at www.lrwp.org, info@lrwp.org, or 260-478-2515.

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