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I’m always looking for enjoyable inexpensive events for our clients to take part in. Most of our clients don’t have very much income they can use towards entertainment for the family.

I love a parade! During a time when many of us are isolated as a result of amazing technology such as cell phones, internet and electronic games, a parade brings us together. When I attend the Three Rivers parade, I feel as though the City is throwing a huge party, and everyone is welcome. Parades seem to be a celebration of color. All of the bright and striking reds, blues, and yellows seem to excite the onlookers. Each of us shares in the excitement, and it results in a fun-filled day. Onlookers gasp in amazement as they take in the views of marching bands, floats, motorized vehicles, animals, and large balloons.

One of my friends was sharing her experience she had last week at the Botanical Gardens. Although there is a cost to attend, it isn’t exorbitant. She attended and was able to enjoy the butterfly display, which seems to be a favorite of the children. The butterflies had beautiful colors and patterns, and they sometimes perched on spectators, which seems amazing! There’s a new restaurant there, and other amazing exhibits, both inside and outside.

Gardening can be an inexpensive hobby for a family. Family members can spend time together, discuss their thoughts and ideas, and reap the benefits of providing food for the family. Most children can help with the planting, watering, harvesting, cooking and eating of the end product. The children can realize a sense of contributing to the family unit, and the joy of being a little more self-sufficient. Plants are vital to our existence. We should respect plants and their role in nature. The time spent together gardening can be used to teach the young ones the value of being environmentally conscious and the necessity of conserving our environment. It’s something about watching things grow that makes me feel good. I feel as though I am a creator of living things. It’s a feeling that I want the children to experience. I want to expose them more to nature and increase their appreciation of our environment. There is satisfaction in nurturing and helping a living thing grow. Gardening can be used as a coping mechanism for daily frustrations. Some people don’t notice a living plant in their day-to-day routine. Having plants in your home and allowing children to help with the care can teach them responsibility and an appreciation of living things. Having plants in the home can also be a form of improving air quality, or filling the rooms with wonderful scents.

I grew up before cell phones, computers, microwaves, and electronic games were in common use. While these are items that in some way embellish life for us, many of these things bring about less communication with others. My friends and I spent much of our time outdoors participating in activities such as running races and bicycling. Many activities involved the use of basketballs, baseballs, and footballs. We walked to and from school and church, and enjoyed great conversations while doing this. I believe our activities helped us to be healthy both mentally and physically. Most of our activities didn’t have a cost associated with them. Young people still enjoy the pleasures of outside recreation.

Most families practice traditions which result in sharing joy and love among family members and friends. We gather to enjoy great food and wonderful company; telling stories of things past and things to come. Remember to take part in family gatherings.

Most of us have friends, family members, or co-workers that we share our thoughts and laughter with. Calling and speaking with them on the phone, or visiting with them can be quite relaxing and sometimes invigorating to us. I remember how a conversation between old friends would, and still does, bring about a great deal of laughter and cheer. Many of my friendships cover a timeframe of over 60 years. A single word between me and an old friend can evoke a burst of laughter. Old friends are treasure chests of fond memories. Sometime I encounter a special friend who has changed my life just by being part of it. It may be a person who makes me laugh until I can hardly stop; or someone who makes me believe that there is good in the world and in all types of people. Thinking about old friends brings joy to me. I’m going to call some of them and share some thoughts and laughter. Won’t you do the same?

Richard A. Stevenson, Sr.
Wayne Township Trustee

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Richard A. Stevenson - Wayne Township Trustee

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