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L-R: Warren Disch—Pizza Hut, Jordan Cornwell—Pres., Waynedale Business Chamber, Camille Garrison—Kingston Residence & Chair of Waynedale Trails and Sidewalks Initiative, Mary Stark—Curves, Penguin from Penguin Point, Beulah Matzak—Community Advocate, Dawn Ritchie—City of Fort Wayne Greenways and Trails Director, Alex Cornwell—The Waynedale News, Kent Castleman—Fort Wayne Trails, Inc. and Jason Arp—4th District City Councilman cut the ribbon commemorating a Waynedale Trail connection.More than 100 residents and a penguin showed up on Saturday, April 16th, for the ribbon cutting to commemorate the first trail connection from Waynedale to the Rivergreenway.

Last fall the City completed construction of new sidewalks along Lower Huntington Road that widens over the bridge crossing the St. Mary’s River and connects to a new 8-foot-wide trail ramp connecting to the St. Mary’s Pathway.

Teaming with the City, the Waynedale Trails & Sidewalks Initiative sponsored a 6.5-mile bike ride on the trail to Foster Park and a 2-mile walk to Tillman Park. The event –Trails Trek at the Point — was supported by Penguin Point restaurant, where participants gathered prior to the start of the ride and ribbon cutting.

Joining Fort Wayne Greenways and Trails Director Dawn Ritchie for the ribbon cutting were several Waynedale business and neighborhood leaders who support and lead the Waynedale Trails and Sidewalks Initiative. The group included Chair of Waynedale Trails and Sidewalks Initiative Camille Garrison-Kingston Residence, Warren Disch-Pizza Hut, Alex Cornwell-The Waynedale News, Mary Stark-Curves, Jordan Cornwell-Pres., Waynedale Business Chamber, and Beulah Matzak-Community Advocate.

The Waynedale connection offers pedestrians, joggers and bicyclists a safe pathway into Waynedale businesses, and, Tillman and Foster Parks. Penguin Point restaurant offered up space during the event for gathering and parking to welcome trail users and the new transportation connection.

‘The City’s trail network is connecting residents with over 70 miles in the City and another 20 in Allen County. According to the 2013 U.S. Census estimates, 86,247 Fort Wayne residents are now within a half mile of a trail,” stated Dawn Ritchie, Greenways Manager for the City of Fort Wayne.

Statistics for the first quarter of 2016 shows continued growth in trail usage. For the first three months of 2016, from the City’s infrared counters, it is showing an increase of 14,000 trail users, compared to 2015.

Coming this year:

·Renaissance Point Trail extension to YMCA on Bowser Avenue is under construction.

·Construction on a trail, combined with street improvements, will begin next week on McKinnie Avenue between South Anthony Boulevard and Hessen Cassel Road.

·Later this month a contract will be awarded for the Illinois Road Trail that will connect many businesses between Reckeweg Road and Magnavox Way. The trail will be completed this fall.

·Covington Road trail extension from Beal-Taylor Ditch to West Hamilton Road. The trail will be completed this fall.

·Liberty Mills Road Trail will be completed this fall.

·Dupont Road Trail west of Auburn Road. The trail will be completed this fall.

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