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Solialitas Kingston 2016“I hope they enjoyed my company as much as I enjoyed theirs,” said Kingston resident, Al Oetting. This was a common feeling at Kingston Residence on Thursday, April 14th. A group of Bishop Luers students offered time, energy and plenty of smiles during their day of service to the community. Kingston was blessed to be one of the sites chosen for the Bishop Luers new Sodalitas Project this year. Throughout the school year the students researched locations around Fort Wayne they could collaborate with and planned various activities.

Approximately 25 high school students boarded the bus to help with several projects at Kingston Residence Assisted Living on Winchester Road. One brave group of young men completed outside tasks in the chilly morning air such as weed pulling and trash pickup to make the grounds more beautiful for residents to enjoy. Other students brought props from their drama department and staged a funny photo shoot which left everyone giggling. Another group competed in an animated game of Wii bowling in the Crown Circuit exercise room. After a brief song and prayer, everyone enjoyed a game of Bible JINGO followed by traditional Bingo. Bishop Luers students partnered with residents, contributing cheers and support, then awarding prizes to the seniors.

As a final act of service, the students accompanied residents back to their apartments offering handshakes, smiles and heartfelt good-byes. It was a beautiful day that enhanced faith in the youth of America.

“Bishop Luers High School is exceptional for encouraging service projects and helping students make connections in the community,” stated Executive Director Erin Floyd.

“Kingston Residence would like to sincerely thank the Bishop Luers Sodalitas Project and the wonderful young men and women who gave freely of themselves and brought happiness to the lives of all involved.”

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