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Teacher Mrs. Anita Senesac and Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School students learn dance steps from the 1970s.On March 2, Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School 5th through 8th graders went back in time to the 1970s with Era Day. Era Day is an annual school event when the students explore and learn about American life during a certain decade.

The students moved about to different classrooms during Era Day as they explored 1970s American culture. The students made their own Lava Lamps. They played board games that were introduced in the 1970s, including Boggle, Connect 4, Battleship and Twister. The students tried their hand at the first video game called “Pong.” They played a Trivia game where they learned about 1970s history. The students watched a performance art video by Andy Warhol and then made their own performance art video. They learned the dance steps to the 1970s songs the Hustle and the YMCA song and tasted the orange drink Tang while eating Happy Face cookies.

The teachers and students were dressed in 1970s outfits for Era Day. Era Day ended with a disco dance for the students in the gym. Era Day was organized by the 5th through 8th grade teachers, led by Mrs. Jodi Jump.

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