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Civil War BallOn Saturday, March 12th, 2016 military and civilian members will go back in time as they dine and dance at the Historic Baker Street Train Station here in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The 30th Indiana Civil War Reenactors group will be hosting their 19th Civil War Ball.

The 30th Indiana was put together primarily from the citizens of the 10th Congressional District comprised of Allen, DeKalb, Elkhart, Kosciusko, La Grange and Noble Counties. It was organized in Fort Wayne using Camp Allen as a home base with Allen County’s Colonel Sion S. Bass as their commanding officer.

The Reenactors of the 30th Indiana have both military and civilian members and they sponsor this ball every year to teach dance, culture, and etiquette of 19th century as an additional component of the period. Dances and balls were an activity that was very much a part of people’s social lives during the mid-nineteenth century.

The Ball this year has been sanctioned as an Indiana Bicentennial Legacy Project event and will have a live band, dance caller and dance workshop to teach the dances that will be danced that evening. Some of these dances of the evening include Soldier’s Joy, Quadrilles, the waltz, and one of the most popular dances of the time period, the Virginian Reel.

This back in time event is hosted by the 30th Indiana Civil War Reenactors, Inc. at the historic Baker Street Train Station. The dance workshop happens from 10AM-1PM. Doors open for the Ball at 5PM with the Grand March to begin at 7PM. Appetizers and desserts are served throughout the evening.

If you are interested in participating in the 19th Annual Civil War Ball or would like more information, contact Sue Pfeiffer (Dance Mistress for the evening) at 260-422-3604 or on the 30th Indiana Reenactors website, www.30th-indiana.org.

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