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Hope House Grand OpeningMad Anthonys Children’s Hope House announced their ribbon-cutting ceremony for its expanded gift shop operations held on Tuesday, January 12 at Dupont Hospital, 2520 E. Dupont Road.

“Since May 2013, we have successfully partnered with Lutheran Hospital in the management of their gift shop operations as a means of financial support. In October we finalized our agreement with Dupont Hospital to manage their gift shop operations as well. All proceeds from both shops support our Home and the families we care for. We feel the gift shop serves as an extension of the respite we provide our families and allows us greater opportunity to manage the financial needs of our Home. Dupont Hospital is unique as it also has a full service Café which serves Firefly Coffee Products,” said Andrew Gritzmaker, Executive Director of the non-profit.

A number of local supporters of the house were present at the ribbon cutting ceremony, including members of the construction company, Shawnee Construction; executives from Dupont Hospital and members of the Mad Anthonys Children’s Charity.

“We’re delighted to have so many supporters for our expansion, our association with the Mad Anthonys Children’s Charity, the continued support of Bruce Dye, and our ongoing partnership with Lutheran Health Network have allowed this opportunity,“ commented Mad Anthonys Children’s Hope House Board President and Orthopedic Hospital COO, Lorie Ailor.

Firefly Coffee House consulted on all café related items for the build, they are locally owned by Paul and Cyndi Demaree and are located on 3523 North Anthony Blvd. Lutheran and Dupont Hospitals both donate the cost of leased space, utilities and maintenance for the shops and each shop is supported through hospital based volunteer programs.

Mad Anthonys Children’s Hope House is a non-profit hospitality house that provides shelter, meals, laundry facilities and a peaceful refuge for families with children who are critically ill or injured. The house opened in 2003, has ten private bedrooms with private baths, a fully equipped kitchen, pantry, living room, TV lounge, computer room and meditation room. For more information visit www.childrenshopefw.org.

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