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I recently joined Parks & Recreation Director Al Moll to provide an update on the 2015 capital improvement projects in our parks and facilities operated by the Parks & Recreation Department.

Over 30 projects were started and completed in 2015 and more than 15 projects are still in progress, with all expected to be finished by the summer of 2016. In total, the City of Fort Wayne has invested nearly $2 million in Parks & Recreation Department improvements this year.

I’m encouraged by the progress we’re making in the ongoing commitment to enhance our parks. Our parks are an essential component of the outstanding quality of life we enjoy in Fort Wayne and it’s important that we invest in them.

Completed 2015 Projects:
Franke Park, Foellinger Theatre: Orchestra Pit and Cover Removal, New Front Seating Installed, Sound Hanger Improvements, Rigging Improvements, New Lighting Installed, Parking Lot Repairs

Lafayette Park: Shelter Improvements, New Basketball Court Installed

Bob Arnold Northside Park: Asphalt Repaving

McMillen Park Community Center: Automatic Divider Curtain Installed in Multipurpose Room

Packard Park: Replaced Concrete Pad in Open-Air Pavilion, Installed Brick Patio

McMillen Park: Installed New Sidewalk and Patio in Front of Pool House, Replaced Pool Liners, Bollard Improvements to Reopen Back Driveway, Repaired Fire Damage to Men’s Restroom in Pavilion #1, Patio Paver Improvements to Pavilion #1

Community Center: Second Floor Restroom Improvements

Foster Park West: Installed New Bleachers for North Soccer Fields

Shoaff Park: Tennis Court Improvements

Johnny Appleseed Park: Constructed New Two-Field Dog Park with Shelter

Swinney Park: Tennis Court Improvements

Salomon Farm: Barn Siding Improvements, Stone Drive Repaired

Lawton Park: Repaired Leaking Roof on Maintenance Building

Lions Park: Replaced Rotted Wooden Beams, Repaired Fireplace in Pavilion, Playground Improvements (started in 2014, completed in 2015)

Kreager Park: NEOS Safety Surface Improvements

Botanical Conservatory: Rebuilt Aging Wood Ramada Structure in Arid House

Hamilton Park: Replaced Fence on Diamond #2

Ongoing 2015 Projects:
Botanical Conservatory: Glass Replacement in Roof of Greenhouse Structure

Franke Park: Diehm Museum Roof Improvement and Installing New Stone Monument Sign at Entrance to Park

Community Center: Installing New Parking Gate

Various Parks: Asphalt Resurfacing at Franke, Foster, Shoaff and Weisser Parks, New Bleacher Installation

Franklin Park: Designing Site and Splash Pad Project and Phase One Construction

Jennings Center: Constructing New Basketball Court

Freimann Square: Installing 14 New Park Benches

McMillen Park: Installing New Siding and Roof on Golf Maintenance Building

Shoaff Park: Installing Solar Lighting in Conklin Pavilion Parking Lot

McMillen Park Community Center: Installing Solar Panels on Roof to Provide Additional Electricity

The City will continue to invest in Parks, with $3 million in improvements slated for 2016.

I also had the chance to lead a neighborhood walk in the Southeast Waynedale neighborhood on October 5. It was a great night for a walk and a tremendous opportunity for me and my staff to get feedback from residents. Thanks to everyone we saw that night and for your hospitality.

Tom Henry - Fort Wayne Mayor

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