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Friday, October 9
6:30 – 8 am, Lawton Park

Ditch the car and run, walk, or bike to work. If you live near downtown, join other non-car commuters at the southwest corner of Lawton Park (S. Clinton St. and 4th St.) for free coffee, bagels, and other treats as well as the chance to win great prizes from Summit City Bicycles & Fitness, Parkview Trauma Safety Store, Fort Wayne Outfitters & Bike Depot and Human Motor Works. Whether you want to cut down on pollution or just love getting the exercise, it is a great way to avoid daily traffic and stay in shape! If you can do it today, maybe you can do it every day!

Live too far or don’t have a safe route to the meet-up spot? Park your car at one of the many Fort Wayne Parks connected to Lawton Park by our great trail system and run/bike/walk in from there! Check out the “Trails” tab on the Parks & Recreation website to find a trail close to you: www.fortwayneparks.org. You can log your steps, your miles and all other physical activity every day on the Operation F4 website, OPF4.com. Invite family members, friends and co-members to log on to OPF4 where they may set their own personal goals.

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