TEACHING MULTIPLE CHILDREN – Homeschooling Is Where The Heart Is!

Those of us with one child often wonder what it is like to homeschool a couple children at once. My friend, Annemarie D., explains how teaching multiple children can be a challenge, “It would be a pleasure to have all of our children be exactly the same in learning style and pace, right? I did teach a child who was a self-teacher, motivated and was independent. This let me teach my other son, who was unsure of himself, to work on his own. When I realized my next child would also need more time with me, I felt stretched! Teaching three is a huge commitment!”

Annemarie shared the biggest lesson she learned from homeschooling, “The kids loved spending time with me, all together or one on one. Treasure those times when the best thing to do is put aside the books for a day, gather on the couch and just read. We love that! It is a great means of rejuvenating.”

If you are feeling overwhelmed homeschooling one child or several children I leave you with these encouraging words from Annemarie, “Homeschooling is a vocation and what a wonderful vocation it is! Your time will be dedicated to schooling your children, besides being their Mom! Always remember that, and you will do just fine!”

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Until next month, God bless you and your little, or not so little ones!

Michele Andrews

Michele Andrews

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