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Helen “Eileen” Stitzer, a resident of Kingston Residence of Fort Wayne, 7515 Winchester Road, turned 100 on Sunday, January 4th with a big smile and a couple of dollars waving in her hand. Her family has been teasing Eileen that when she reached the 100 benchmark, they were going to throw her a party complete with a “male entertainer”.

Eileen’s grandson Doug states, “The concept is something we have joked about with Grandma for over a year. I’ve been approached by her friends telling me they’re looking forward to it.” Although the entertainer was definitely of a “PG” nature, he sure was the highlight of Eileen’s birthday celebration.

A birthday open house was held for Eileen on Sunday, January 4th from 2 – 4 p.m. The entertainer was there from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m., performing and mingling with the crowd. Birthday cake, birthday bingo and other surprises were in store.

Eileen is the mother of Mary M. Cline, grandmother of Douglas Stitzer and Debbie Campbell; and great-grandmother of Sophia Stitzer.

Kingston Residence Assisted Living Community has been serving the community since 1990. It offers engaged and fulfilling retirement living with compassionate nursing support.

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