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The University of Saint Francis will begin immediately to recruit students to form a USF Marching Band. The band will have one year to form and rehearse for their debut in the fall of 2016. The university’s goal is to build a band of 100 members including a color guard within four years.

USF officials hope the new band will be instrumental in enhancing the spectator experience at sporting events. Talent awards up to $3,000 will be available to students who are accepted to join the band. Students interested in all university programs are invited to try out.

Musicians interested in joining the USF marching band are encouraged to reserve their spot in the talent audition by contacting 260.399.7700, ext. 8001. Admissions and financial aid information is available by calling (260) 399-8000, emailing admiss@sf.edu <mailto:admiss@sf.edu>, visiting sf.edu/admissions , or by visiting the campus at 2701 Spring Street, Fort Wayne.

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