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Normally when one thinks of a floral shop, the thought of fresh flowers arranged or a dozen roses or maybe even a live plant comes to mind. But many have found that your typical flower shop has so much more to offer. Live floral arrangements can be designed with specific colors in mind. Colors to match the occasion such as high school colors or event themes. Colors to match your home décor that can change with the seasons such as Christmas, Spring, Summer and Fall. Artificial arrangements or wreaths for inside over the mantle or outside on a wall or on the front door can also be changed with the seasons. Added to these special orders you can include ornaments, a music box, a lantern, stepping-stones and plaques or battery operated candles.

The occasion will also determine the specialty item needed to help spread the thought behind the gift such as a memorial plaque or statue, a sentimental throw, wind chimes or a concrete bench, even a bird bath with fresh flowers on top to a house or to a funeral home. Birthdays, anniversaries or get-wells bring to mind flowers with brighter colors and add-ons such as balloons or stuffed animals as well as other gift.

Custom orders and personal service, as well as direct delivery are all extras that may be lacking at other stores. After all, where else can you get custom made-to-order corsages to your exact specifications of size and colors and yet be completely guaranteed of freshness. Remember your favorite, local florist the next time perfection is in the mix.

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