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War-BeardThe local members of the 122nd Fighter Wing have recently been deployed. War Beard is calling on the community to provide support to these men and women as they will be deployed for an extended period of time, including the holiday season.

War Beard is a community group that was started by Jason and Kaitlin (Johnston) Kochenderfer. The name of the group is based around a gesture that encourages those who can to grow a beard or a mustache in order to show support for the members of the Fighter Wing during their deployment. This simple gesture is an everyday reminder that our friends and family are deployed right now, and it will help us remember the sacrifice that they make every day.

War Beard will be holding events throughout the deployment to send care packages, and to help the families of deployed members.

If you would like to make a donation to War Beard, please visit the website www.facebook.com/122WarBeard or contact them at 122warbeard@gmail.com.

On November 30th War Beard will be holding its first event called “Mission – 1: Christmas in the Desert”.

We would like to invite everyone to help us put together care packages to send out to the troops for the holidays.

Family members of deployed persons will have the opportunity to make a care package. And as well, any member of the community is encouraged to come, as they will also be packing up items to send over to the troops.
All packages will be sent and fairly distributed amongst the deployed members. Packages sent from family members will be sent directly to the relative.

In order to support this event, and future events, War Beard needs donations of either care package items, or cash.

Care Package Items to include:
Beef Jerky: Any small bag/ any flavor, Slim Jim Snack Sticks, Pringles Style Chips, Sun Flower Seeds, Bags of individually wrapped candy, Wet Wipes, Sunscreen, Chewing Gum, Letters or Cards, Playing Cards, Coffee
Sugar/Creamer Packets, Deodorant, Foot/Body Powder

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