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Water-Loo-BoyThe Maumee Valley Antique Steam & Gas Association is having its 37th annual show August 14- 17, 2014 at Jefferson Township Park east of New Haven, IN between US 30 and US 24 at 1720 Webster Road north of Dawkins Road. For a map and more information visit our website at maumeevalley.org

We are featuring John Deere, Fordson, Ford tractors, cars, trucks and garden tractors. All other exhibitors are welcome. See antique steam engines, tractors, equipment, gas engines, antique trucks and cars. Watch threshing wheat, sawing lumber and plowing with steam engines and antique tractors. Visit a working blacksmith shop and watch engines including a Chuse Engine from the Handle factory in Hicksville, OH and a 15-ton, 125 HP Buckeye Oil Engine in our Engine Building. Women will enjoy flea markets, the Trading Post and a large quilt display. Paulding-putman will give special demonstrations on Friday, at 2 and 4pm on the dangers of electricity. Children will enjoy Barrel Train rides and a sandbox. On Saturday, there will be facepainting, balloons, as well as a kiddie tractor pull at 2pm. There will be hay rides and demonstrations with horses and mules on Friday and Saturday, and a Horse Pull at noon on Sunday. Tractor Pulls begin at 5pm on Friday and 3pm on Saturday. The Fort Wayne Railroad Society will be having an open house next door. Handicap parking is available.

Daily admission is $5 per person. Children 12and under are free.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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