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The-Stand-Trails-FundraiserThe Waynedale Trails & Sidewalks fundraiser that was hosted on Sunday, June 22nd by Bobick’s Golf and The Stand was indeed a success! Both businesses were steady throughout the day as families visited, all enjoying free buckets of balls for children from Bobick’s, then cooling down afterwards with free cones from The Stand for the kids.

Committee member for the Waynedale Initiative Camille Garrison praised the two businesses for their support as well as the several volunteers who donated their time Sunday towards this valuable event.

Along with the free items for the children, Bobick’s donated 100% of their range proceeds and The Stand contributed $1 from each Coney Dog sold. Total donations from the two businesses exceeded $500. Additionally, four items were raffled and donations collected, making a grand total of $870. Winners for the raffle items were Marcella Palmer who won the Hire’s Car Emergency Kit; Steve Screeton who won a Cleveland Driver from Bobick’s; Bev Giant who received the $25 Stand Gift Certificate and Karen Leffers who won the Taylor Made Fairway Wood and goody bag donated by PNC bank on Bluffton Road.

Ryan Palmer, manager of The Stand stated “We are really excited that Waynedale families will be getting trails and sidewalks that allow them to bike and walk safely down Bluffton Road to Foster Park.” When asked how this might benefit business, Ryan replied “I understand many of the Aboite businesses have done well since the trails have been added out in that area.”

The Waynedale Trails and Sidewalks Initiative committee have fundraisers scheduled for each month. The next event will be at Dairy Queen, corner of Lower Huntington and Winchester Roads on Tuesday, July 29. To donate or to volunteer to help towards any project, please contact Camille Garrison at 415-7741 or cgarrison@kingstonhealthcare.com.

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